Synchronized Clock Systems
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"Do you know what time it is?"

When you ask or look around many schools, offices, hospitals, and other facilities, you'll get several different answers to this very simple question.

Dutchess Tel-Audio proposes a simple solution--get in sync! Our family of analog and digital clocks combined with programmable master clocks and other accessories makes keeping and controlling time easier.


By synchronizing the clocks within a facility, you ensure that everyone has the same information. No matter what type of environment, things run more smoothly if the time is accurate and consistent.

Clock Choices

Some applications, like elementary schools, require analog clocks. Others, like higher education, businesses, and healthcare facilities, prefer digital versions. Primex Wireless offers both analog and digital models.

Customize the clock dial with your school mascot or company logo!
Custom clock dial samples


To simplify installation, clock system components can use standard electrical back boxes rather than custom or proprietary versions. This means that clocks can be installed into most existing wall openings. And many times Primex clocks do not require a back box at all and mount directly on to the wall surface.

Wireless clocks allow placing a clock anywhere in the facility.

Download Primex XR Series Wireless Clocks Brochure (pdf)
Download Dukane Wired and Wireless Clocks Brochure (pdf)
Download National Time and Signal Wired and Wireless Clocks Brochure (pdf)

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